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Francois Collomb

Francois Collomb

Before CTO & Co, Francois was the IT and Security Director of a highly-available financial transaction platform originally created by Citibank and SAP.

Francois also co-founded several successful businesses and worked for some small to medium-sized businesses (Amplitude, Orbian…) as well as some very large ones (Orange, Merck, Schlumberger, Nortel…) both in the UK and overseas.

His wealth of experience has led Francois to believe that the businesses that thrive are the ones placing IT at the heart of their strategy.

Francois holds a Master degree from ECE Paris, an Exec-MBA from London Business School and certifications in Information Security (CISSP, ISO 27001 )

Emmanuel Roland

Emmanuel has been running operations and IT departments in small to large-scale, domestic and international business environments engaging at all level from field teams to board members. Emmanuel developed an expertise on driving radical changes on technologies, infrastructures and operating model to support company transformation adapting to business changes. In such roles, he has a strong momentum to achieve transformation supporting company growth without impacting business development. He also has a significant track record in transforming product to enrich user experience and in driving small to large scale app developments. His strong technical background, listening and fast learning skills allow him to adapt to a new environment and efficiently support design and operation teams.

Emmanuel holds both a master’s degree in Network and Software Development from the Telecom Sud-Evry whilst he has been a Visitor Scientist for 10 months at the IBM T.J.W Research Center, Yorktown, NY, USA and a Post-graduate degree in Information Systems, broadband and AI at Pierre et Marie Curie University (Paris VI). 

Damien Gentilhomme

With experiences in Switzerland and the UK, of managing and turning around SME within international groups (Wpp, Bolloré), Family Offices, or its own investment, Damien worked for Marketing and communication as well as new business development B2B agencies. 

Enjoying the challenge to deliver simple and adequate solutions, Damien combines negotiation and management skills with a good understanding of SME environment to drive the sustainable financial development of a business.

Damien holds a Master degree from ESDES Lyon.